Acai Berry Pronunciation

Acai Berry Pronunciation the Right Way

Acai berry pronunciation is not difficult but it is difficult to know how to say it if you’ve never heard it before. The word acai is pronounced ah-sah-EE. The pronunciaion of acai can also be shown as [aˌsaˈi] in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Are acai and açaí the same word? Yes, acai is just the Americanized spelling of açaí. Acai is pronounced the same way and you don’t have find the special characters to write it the other way!

Berry is pronounced ber-ee. In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) it is shown as ˈbɛɹi. That looks kind of crazy, right? But it makes sense if you know the International Phonetic Alphabet. Put them together as ah-sah-EE ber-ee to say “acai berry”.

Acai Berry Pronunciation

Acai Berry Pronunciation

Incorrect Acai Pronunciation?

If you’re just learning about acai you may have found that some articles and videos pronounce acai differently. Most articles are wrong! Check out the acai pronunciation video and audio below to make sure you’re pronouncing it correctly. It’s important to pronounce it correctly when you order an acai bowl or acai smoothie or even just start talking about acai in general.

 Acai Berry Pronounced by Wikipedia

Thankfully wikipedia has provided an awesome file that will read the word acai out loud to you so that you can learn how to pronounce it:

Here’s a similar file, only for berry:

Acai Berry Pronunciation Video

There are many acai pronunciation videos on YouTube but most of them are wrong.This one says it right:

Where to Buy Acai Berry?

Since acai is grown in South America if you live in the United States you will have to buy it frozen or in pill form. Frozen acai is really expensive! Check out Amazon for the latest price.

Acai Berries in Baskets

Acai berries in baskets (from Wikipedia)

How do you pronounce acai berry? Let us know!

Want more information on acai? Check out! has acai recipes, nutrition facts, calories, where to find acai and benefits.

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